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Various PvP Changes in Patch 4.5

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Hello fellow PvP aficionados :cool:

There have been a couple changes to all PvP modes in Patch 4.5 as you must have seen!

Today in the latest
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, Moriguchi gave a couple details about some of the changes to the Feast, Rival Wings and Frontlines, so let me share them with you!


PvP Actions Adjustments
As a major change, all healing potency reduction effects now also affect healing abilities. In accordance with this change, the "Increased healing potency" trait affect abilities as well.

We have also decided to buff both Ninjas and Scholars as we found they were harder to win with.


The Feast

Graphical adjustments to the Crystal Tower Training Grounds
It could sometimes be confusing to remember which side to fall back to due to the pace of a Feast game. By adding some graphical details, we made it easier to see which side is which.

About the Focus Attack countdown icon
Based on feedback coming from players from the NA and EU regions mainly, we have added the Focus attack icon to the Enemy’s party list. Note that this is invisible for the opposing team.



Due to the +15% damage increase of tanks and Melee DPS, the HP for objects (Drones, Nodes, Icebound tomelith) have been increased. Drones were already quite easy to kill, so we have increased their HP even a bit more.

Due to this damage increase, the magic damage reduction effect for icebound tomelith has been removed.


Rival Wings

Magitek Field and damage to the core
To counter respawn kills, a Magitek Field has been implemented so that enemy players cannot enter the base area until one tower has been destroyed.

Additionally, the Core can now be damaged after destroying just one tower. Although the damage throughput is low, this enables a different strategy for victory.

In accordance to this change, the remaining HP of the Tower are now prioritized over the remaining number of Towers as a victory condition.

Adjustments to Soaring
Soaring does not wear off even after a K.O. anymore, so the match tempo is faster towards the end. This was adjusted so that the importance of infantry wouldl increase as the match progresses.

The effects of Soaring now stack up to 20 (2% increase per 1 stack). After 20 stacks the buff will change to "Flying High", which is a 50% damage increase. This is much stronger than the former "Soaring" effect. However please note this does not affect the damage done by machina.

Mammets and Machina
The magic reduction effect has been removed for mammets and machina now that tanks and melee DPS deal +10% more damage.

Machina HP have been increased too, in order to meet the damage output increase of tanks and melee DPS.

However, due to the increased ease to summon Brute Justice (from twice to indefinitely), Brute Justice's HP have been reduced.


Phew, and that's it!

We hope you're all excited for the Hidden Gorge coming with Patch 4.55, and for the European FRC finals at the Fan Festival in Paris coming on the 3rd of February! Cause we sure as hell are.

As usual, if you have any feedback about PvP, please keep sharing it with us here! ;)
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