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Thoughts on Frontlines

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I think the changes in style have completely destroyed Frontlines. Every game is purely down to luck and the whole strategy side is gone. The majority of players act like the zombies from the Walking Dead, they just chase the last thing they see, players are careless because there's not much of a penalty for dying, and the objectives might as well not exist.

I thought Frontlines didn't need changing. I welcome the new gears for more interest but overall these are the worst changes I've seen since I began playing and I was here back when you had to get to be higher ranks just to wear the gear and each game would take about 30mins+ to pop. I do welcome the 24 person game no longer existing, those Fields of Glory were painful to play but it really has just turned into a button bashing fest with none of the players caring about the outcome. I'm finding myself just going into big fights and hitting random buttons as MCH to get kills now. It's awful.

I'd like to know who tests this stuff because it certainly feels as though it's not actual PvP players.

I know SE won't make any changes soon, but I hope the next PVP mount is obtained through Wolf Marks and not wins because it will be down to pure luck rather than hard work, and the thought of 100 victories in the current climate is unbearable. My team won 4 games in a row last night and nothing was said regarding the objectives, we didn't earn the wins and in one we didn't have a healer. It's terrible.
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