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On Garo and Grand Companies

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I'm a fairly new player. While I do have a few questions, this post is more overall commentary on PvP and Grand Companies as a new player and not a single question to be dropped in the question thread.

I spent my first 90 days focused on leveling (all the classes at once because I'm a glutton for punishment). I got one class above 50, and all the others to 45 and then suddenly my Road to 70 ended. Around the same time, the Moogle event dropped. Between it, and the upcoming expiration of the Garo content I'm suddenly motivated to throw myself fully into PvP for a few weeks. I haven't unlocked the level 50 dungeons that give you 10 tomes, not to mention that via PvP I can earn both tomes and wolf marks to maybe get a Garo mount before all that goes away.

My first class was Gladiator/Paladin and I started in Uldah. I like the concept of the Flames and selected them as my Grand Company. It seemed intimidating to have so many ranks in a GC to progress through, but now I'm a 1st Lieutenant and if wiki pages are current, I'm actually about to hit the highest level I can in my GC with current content. It does seem weird to have all these unobtainable ranks and I'm curious if the latest content and expansion has changed that.

It is also odd that I couldn't really complete "Flagged Mission: Crystal Recovery" (a level 40 mission) until I had a full squadron of level 50 members, and then only barely. I just unlocked priority missions, and even with level 52 guys, it says I have no shot at completing any of the level 40 missions. Are these properly balanced? I'm aware I can shift some attribute points with training, but even moving a few points around, I'd be well short of mission requirements even when over-leveled and that seems off.

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