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Old PvP rewards should be attainable through frequent season ranking/participation

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Hello, I feel that it can be very disappointing to participate in the feast up to a rank that isn't top 100 and not be any closer to getting what you wanted out of the season, as well as being locked out of ever obtaining the top 100 item ever again.

Its frustrating that amazing PvP mounts and rewards are gone forever as soon as the season is over. No other content in the game is exclusive like this. All raids and trials become easier over time and you're able to obtain the rewards, despite being less skilled, as they are no longer the current carrot on a stick. Even with events, if you want an item, they're available a year later if you weren't subscribed or did the event during the time they were available (I've not experienced this very much, been subbed since august 2014 aha).

I want to feel like I can actually eventually achieve the rewards I want from this game-mode from participating every season. Here is what I propose:
  • Previous season top 100 rewards (mounts/armor) are purchaseable with a large amount of wolf collars.

That's it. As for how many wolf collars are required to earn this, its kind of subjective as to how much anyone feels it should take. I would find it reasonable to sit it at 30/35, you'd still have to make it to a high rank for several more seasons in front of you , but through frequent participation and increasing the popularity of the game-mode, you would eventually be able to recieve the reward you want.

As for what should be available, the first season started 2 years ago, in April of 2016, and ended in July. I think that the rewards have been exclusive for enough time, more than 2 years, which is more than any other rewards in this game have been exclusive for. If you need to name the items "Replica" just to preserve the fact that you didn't win the season, that's fine. If the last 5 seasons are too recent, that's fine too.

The top 100 rewards being exclusive for a certain amount of time isn't really that bad, it's just that right now, they're never, ever, ever, ever, ever achievable ever again, and anything that you want from there is essentially gone from the game forever, save for seeing one person ride a mount from it every few months at a hunt or something, or if four or five people on your server decided to use it as a glamour (Some people hit top 100 and don't even wear it because they don't like it, and that feels like a waste). Its a huge shame, because some of them are really great.

Please give me your thoughts on this, or any other alternatives to earning old pvp rewards through being a more active participant.
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