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Give PLD something else to spend gauge on.

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So in pvp the only thing PLD has to spend oath gauge on is cover. While that’s fine in the usual settings, it does leave specific instances where the gauge is completely useless. e.g. duels or just getting caught in a 1 on 1 fight in general.

Another thing that’s completely useless in pvp is the shield, sure we use it as a weapon for shield lob and bash, but never for an actual block. I mean, we can block giant monsters, magic and explosions, but not some guy running at us with a knife?

So putting these things together what can we do? I say give PLD sheltron in pvp.

Sheltron: Block the next attack reducing damage taken by 25%. Action changes to shield swipe after a block. Costs 50 oath gauge. Recast 5 seconds.
Shield swipe: delivers an attack with a potency of 500, additional effect: pacification 2s.

While this would give PLD something to use in scenarios where they don’t need cover, it won’t be so powerful that you won’t want to use cover appropriately in favour of sheltron due to the high gauge cost for a single hit.

It would make the shield actually work as the defensive tool that it is again and shield swipe would give PLD back that trinity of crowd control, stun, silence, pacify that it used to have in old pvp.
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